1st Annual “Community Day Celebration”

What a Glorious day we had for our “Community Day Celebration”. The music and Randy’s message were very inspirational, and God was touching people’s hearts, We had a Baptism at the end of the Service with a new soul coming to Christ. For the Barbecue we had more food than I have ever seen in that Church and people were doing their best to make it disappear There were between 150 and 200 people that came and went throughout the Day.
“Praise the Lord”

Antioch is now on LiveStream.com

Hello my friends! 
   Wonderful news!   Our Antioch Services are now live on the internet.  If you can’t be there, just go on line and be part of the Service.  We can “chat” in real time with you during the Service and you can watch our wonderful Praise Team and handsome preacher.  With no advertising yet, we’ve already reached as far as Australia!  Please send this out to all of your family, friends, neighbors, or whatever electronic means you have available, so they can also be a part of our ACC family.  If the people you let know will also do the same, we can have literally thousands of folks attending our Services on line!   Here’s how you watch live or archived Services: 
1.  Go to “LiveStream.com” and create an account (so easy even I was able to do it) 
2.  Go to “Antioch Community Church” and click on us.   
I am attaching a shortcut for us computer-challenged folks: 


Dear Friends,
Recently, I received a direct mail piece that really caught my attention.  It was in strong red and blue coloring.  It
said, “If you ever secretly felt fat, skinny, lazy, compulsive or depressed this letter is for you!”  When I first got this letter, the first thing I thought was which one of you gave them my name?  It said, “Your life can be changed for only $29.95 plus $3 for shipping and handling. The last sentence says, “I guarantee this will work.”  Change your life for $29.95!
$29.95?  Who would pay $29.95 for this stuff?  You and I do!  Because we’re looking for anything that will change our
lives, help us get in control and we’re willing to pay the price.
Following our “Back To Church” Sunday on September 15th, we’re going to begin a series I’m calling “Breaking
Free” about how to get rid of, how to let go of the hang ups, the hurts, and the habits that mess up your life.

Romans 7:15-16, 18 (Living Bible) “My own behavior baffles me.  For I find myself doing what I really hate, and
not doing what I really want to do!  I often find that I have the desire to do good, but not the power.  I don’t accomplish the good I set out to do, and the evil I don’t really want to do I find I am always doing!”  Can you relate to this?  Paul is saying all the things I don’t want to do I end up doing
and all the things I do want to do I end up not doing.  I want to do what’s right, but I don’t.  I don’t want to do what’s
bad, but I do.  Sometimes we feel like there are two horses pulling in opposite directions in our lives.  Which one
wins? Whichever one we say `Giddeup’ to.
There is one statistic that has been constant since Adam and Eve – 100% of us suffer from some kind of addiction. 
We tend to want to categorize these addictions saying that ours isn’t as bad as someone else’s, but we all have an
addiction.  We all have one more thing in common – we fight our addiction and sometimes fail.  Here’s some good news – In September, A.C.C. is saying “Giddeup” to God’s Word, and those who join us will begin celebrating recovery from whatever addiction is holding them hostage.   This is going to be a wonderful time of healing.  You won’t want to miss a single Sunday. 
See you all soon!

Easter in 3D

Dear Friends,

Perhaps the reason many people don’t get excited about Easter is that they do not know the full meaning of Jesus’ resurrection. I mean it’s the biggest event in history. It split history into AD and BC.

Yet, most people don’t get excited about Easter, and the reason why is they have never seen it in 3D. They’ve only seen it in black and white. This year I pray we see Easter in all three dimensions, because it’s not a one-dimensional event.

The first dimension of Easter is the proof of the resurrection … The second dimension of Easter is the promise of the resurrection … The third dimension, and most people don’t get this one, is the power of the resurrection.

Most people have never experienced the power of resurrection in their life.

The “third dimension” is what God wants to do in your life right now. That’s the power. A lot of people acknowledge the proof of the resurrection. Fewer people get the promise of the resurrection. Very few people acquire the power of the resurrection.”

During March we are going to begin a journey towards Easter, and we will “Acquire the Power” God meant for Easter to provide. Please make every effort to be with us. You won’t be disappointed.

With the Love of Easter,

Pastor Randy

God’s map for your 2013

My Dear Wonderful Friends,

How many of you have ever gone on a car road trip vacation? Almost everybody. Have any of you ever gone on a car road trip vacation without a map? It always helps to have a map if you’re going to get anywhere. It helps to map out something that’s important to you. The Bible tells us in Proverbs “We should make our plans counting on God to direct us.” That tells us, we should make our plans counting on God to direct us and show us which way to go. That friends, is fantastic advice from God to you as you go through 2013. According to the latest survey results, ninety-five percent of us will disregard God’s advice and try to make it through with little or no direction. But the five percent that do follow God’s advice tend to be the top five percent achieving success in life, marriage, and relationships.

God has given us a map. The map is his word. This is God’s map for your life. It is the Bible. The Bible says this in 1 Kings 2 “Do what God tells you. Walk in the paths he shows you. Follow the life map [that’s God’s word] absolutely… Then you’ll get on well in whatever you do and wherever you go.” Notice the last phrase: you’ll get on well in whatever you do and wherever you go. How many of you would like to get on well in whatever you do and wherever you go this year? I so desperately desire you to be part of the 5% who experience God’s Power this year. See you Sundays at 10AM or Wednesdays at 7PM as we draw God’s map for your 2013. May God Richly Bless You,

Pastor Randy


My Wonderful Friends,

As we start a New Year, our thoughts tend to immediately go to things like resolutions and goals. The problem is that resolutions can be broken, and they usually are. Goals are uncertain. Plans can change. So, oftentimes, we start the New Year setting ourselves up for failure. Statistics say 6% of resolutions are kept. So 94% of us start the New Year setting ourselves up for disappointment by a resolution or goal that we won’t keep.

This year I’m going to invite you to do something different. Instead of focusing on resolutions and goals, I want to invite you to focus on the Power of God’s Promises. Goals are often short sighted. Our plans will change. But the Power contained within God’s promises will never let you down. My friends, this Power has made the lame to walk, the blind to see, and it will transform your life in ways you can’t imagine.

During 2013, we are going to “Experience the Power” of God at Antioch. You will notice signs and flyers throughout our Community inviting our neighbors and friends to join us, but the most important person to “Experience the Power” is you! Imagine this…there are over 7000 promises in the Bible, and it only takes 1 to powerfully impact a life – a marriage – or a family. God has already made the promises, now it only takes you to “Experience the Power” of those promises!

I am not normally this assertive, but I know 2013 is going to be filled with God’s Power, and you will not want to miss the opportunity to experience that POWER beginning this Sunday. See you then.

May God Richly Bless You,

Pastor Randy

New Year’s Eve Prayer

Have I not commanded you? Be strong, and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your GOD is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9

Almighty God, Sovereign of my life, my help in this past year and my hope for the year to come, I praise You for the quiet moments You and I have had together. I seek Your help in disciplining my time for You each day. Daily, You awaken me with the desire to have a personal time with You. These prayers are conversation starters. Often the conversation of prayer goes on through the day. The best days of the year have been when I claimed Your presence and lived by Your power. Thank you for the way You answered my prayers for Your guidance and courage. I’m amazed at the thoughts You placed in my mind, the desires You planted in my heart, and the willingness You produced in my will. You have given me what I asked: wisdom beyond my understanding; knowledge greater than my learning; discernment more penetrating than my analysis; vision that outstretches my fondest expectation. Now I’m ready to face a new year without fear. I press on with Your assurance for the future, “Fear not! I am with you.” That’s all I need to know!


My Face is shining upon you, beaming out Peace that transcends understanding. You are surrounded by a sea of problems, but you are face to Face with Me, your Peace. As long as you focus on Me, you are safe. If you gaze too long at the myriad of problems around you, you will sink under the weight of your burdens. When you start to sink, simply call out “Help me, Jesus!” and I will lift you up. The closer you live to Me, the safer you are. Fix your eyes on Me, the One who never changes. I am always beside you, helping you face today’s waves. Stay close to Me!

Christmas Prayer


Dear Father,

I don’t want to miss the true joy of Christmas. I long for the authentic quality of joy that’s an outward expression of an inner experience of Your grace. This Christmas, help me to receive the full measure of Your unqualified love that will result in days bursting with joy. I hear the words of the angel translated with the true meaning: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, among men in who He is well pleased.”

Now I can repeat the familiar words from John 3:16-17 using the personal pronouns: “You so loved me that You gave Your only begotten Son, that believing in Him, I should not perish but have everlasting life. For You did not send Your Son into the world to condemn me, but that through Him I might be saved.”

My heart leaps. Joy is the ecstasy of heaven for those who know they are loved and forgiven. It’s so much more than happiness that’s dependent on circumstances. Real joy cannot be dampened; it lasts regardless of whatever has happened.

Thank You for giving me down-to-earth joy in Jesus. I don’t’ want to leave your Christmas gift unwrapped. I hear His whisper in my heart: “I came for you, lived for you, died for you, defeated death for you, and am here for you now.” Joy! Sheer joy!

the Power of God’s Promises