Easter in 3D

Dear Friends,

Perhaps the reason many people don’t get excited about Easter is that they do not know the full meaning of Jesus’ resurrection. I mean it’s the biggest event in history. It split history into AD and BC.

Yet, most people don’t get excited about Easter, and the reason why is they have never seen it in 3D. They’ve only seen it in black and white. This year I pray we see Easter in all three dimensions, because it’s not a one-dimensional event.

The first dimension of Easter is the proof of the resurrection … The second dimension of Easter is the promise of the resurrection … The third dimension, and most people don’t get this one, is the power of the resurrection.

Most people have never experienced the power of resurrection in their life.

The “third dimension” is what God wants to do in your life right now. That’s the power. A lot of people acknowledge the proof of the resurrection. Fewer people get the promise of the resurrection. Very few people acquire the power of the resurrection.”

During March we are going to begin a journey towards Easter, and we will “Acquire the Power” God meant for Easter to provide. Please make every effort to be with us. You won’t be disappointed.

With the Love of Easter,

Pastor Randy


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