Antioch is now on

Hello my friends! 
   Wonderful news!   Our Antioch Services are now live on the internet.  If you can’t be there, just go on line and be part of the Service.  We can “chat” in real time with you during the Service and you can watch our wonderful Praise Team and handsome preacher.  With no advertising yet, we’ve already reached as far as Australia!  Please send this out to all of your family, friends, neighbors, or whatever electronic means you have available, so they can also be a part of our ACC family.  If the people you let know will also do the same, we can have literally thousands of folks attending our Services on line!   Here’s how you watch live or archived Services: 
1.  Go to “” and create an account (so easy even I was able to do it) 
2.  Go to “Antioch Community Church” and click on us.   
I am attaching a shortcut for us computer-challenged folks:


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