Dear Friends,   Recently, I received a direct mail piece that really caught my attention.  It was in strong red and blue coloring.  It said, “If you ever secretly felt fat, skinny, lazy, compulsive or depressed this letter is for you!”  When I first got this letter, the first thing I thought was which one … More Giddeup

Easter in 3D

Dear Friends, Perhaps the reason many people don’t get excited about Easter is that they do not know the full meaning of Jesus’ resurrection. I mean it’s the biggest event in history. It split history into AD and BC. Yet, most people don’t get excited about Easter, and the reason why is they have never … More Easter in 3D

Thanksgiving message

Dear Antioch Family, Thanksgiving is already upon us! I know it must be difficult for many to find thankfulness among financial, work, or family difficulties. My heart is troubled with you. Remember, when one in the Antioch family experiences fear, we all share the tears. Let me share David’s words in Psalm 94:1-4 that may … More Thanksgiving message