Antioch Community Church Missions Report

 Antioch has supported several missions in the last year: Voice of the Martyrs, a Compassion International child from Ethiopia, Jack and Mary Lou Dody with Equip International, and the Antioch Daily Bread Food Pantry. Due to the intense needs of the local area, the Antioch elders asked the Missions Department to limit our donations to the Antioch Daily Bread Food Pantry and one other mission. It was decided that Antioch would support Jack and Marylou Dody in their mission. Our Compassion child is now 22 and is in the final stages of her education. This young woman from desperately poor and AIDS ravaged Ethiopia was chosen by the Antioch Youth Group and they, led by Steve and Denise Walsh, have kept up correspondence with her. While we will not at this time be sending financial support to Voice of the Martyrs, please continue to pray for Christians throughout the world who suffer torture and death because they choose to follow Jesus Christ. Please also continue to pray for our Compassion child.

Most likely everyone at Antioch knows and understands the mission of the Daily Bread Food Pantry; however, it is also important that we understand Jack and Marylou’s mission. Jack sent a summary of their activities and a letter which I would like to share with you in this report so that you will know who you are supporting. Five percent (5%) of you donation automatically goes into the missions fund.

Most importantly, after you read this letter from Jack and Marylou, will you please pray for them right away and then continue to pray for the success of their mission and for the safety of all those who participate in the sometimes dangerous work done by missionaries.

Summary of the Mission: “Jack and Marylou Dody serve with EQUIP International. EQUIP prepares and trains missionaries for service, particularly for service in difficult places. Jack’s skills in Appropriate Technologies are used to help missionaries procure clean water, good food, safe housing and adequate sanitation. These technologies can also be used for the people being served by the missionaries. The Dodys gain useful knowledge to share with students as they live “off the grid” on the high plains of Colorado, making their own electricity, growing food, and recycling water and waste.

Since 2002, Jack and Marilou have trained hundreds of missionaries from various Christian ministries such as Youth with a Mission, Greater Europe Mission, Mission to the World, and Mission Training International. Their work has taken them around the world to places like Kenya, Haiti, Nicaragua, Bulgaria and Mexico. Even more international service is accomplished by using the internet, touching missionaries in more than 100 countries.

You can learn more and explore ministry possibilities by going to www.christianhomesteaders.org. You can download, at no charge, THE NOAH PROJECT, the training manual written by the Dodys. If you would like to visit the Training facility in Rush, Colorado, please contact them at 719-360-3075. “

Also, would you please take time to read this letter to us from Jack and Marylou.

Dear Terri,

Please thank the leaders of Antioch Church for their continuing support of our ministry. We can’t do our job without help.

In September we will be training missionaries from YWAM (Youth with a Mission). These missionaries will be going to touch places all over the world to share Christ and what we share can often be a starting point for building relationships with hurting people.

October will find me in Bulgaria, sharing intensive organic sharing our gardening methods with Muslim farmers. What an amazing thing God has done—opening the hearts of these farmers to Christ!

In the coming Spring, I’m praying that Antioch church might provide a place where we can help our local people grow more of their own food. Perhaps we could do some seminars sharing our gardening methods and beginning to develop local leaders who can greatly improve life here on the prairie.

May God continue to bless your service at Antioch Church!

In Him, Jack and Marilou


Antioch is blessed to be able to support a world mission for Christ coming right from our own little part of the prairie! May God bless you and your mission and protect you both.

Terri Thomas, Missions Coordinator